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Imaging Solutions for Direct To Garment Printing to Save Money and Improve Quality
Second way to print with PowerRIP DTG - An Advanced way
"Print To the RIP" from an application, like Corel, Illustrator, or Photoshop as RGB, or CMYK for even more color control
Very simple. The RIP has a fully compatible PostScript Level 3 interpreter.
All Adobe apps and Corel Draw produced the best vector graphics with PostScript.
We will show you how to print directly from Corel Draw.
Go to the Print option a normal print window will open.

Select use PPD
Corel will open a window in your Documents folder. Navigate to the "C drive" and locate the RIP folder where your PPDs are stored.
The RIP folder has a name of PowerRIPDTG6_ R3000
If you had installed a 1430 or 1500W the RIP folder would be named just PowerRIPDTG6
Open the RIP folder and find the folder named PPD Open it and now open the Windows folder
Here choose your PPD.
For a R3000 its PPD. "D" stands for dual CMYK.
For a 1430 or 1500W its appropriate PPD.
You will now be brought back to the Corel print dialogue
Now Corel knows you have a PostScript printer. The PPD adds in rotation of artwork for example printing two shirt platens on a single template. It allows you to turn off color managment prints. A wonderful way to get pure colors, like 100% Yellow. You can save your "Print Style" with all of your special PPD print settings in Corel for future work

Click on preferences to get started. Basics choices are shown and the manuals in the DOCS folder go into even more detail.
Color Resolution
White Density (resolution)
White Layer Type
CorelDraw always converts RGB images to CMYK if you are printing to a PostScript device.
   If you want your file to stay as RGB export from Corel as a tiff and import into the RIP thru "Print From".
   If you want full CMYK color control use "Print To" the RIP. You have a few choices on how to handle the CMYK. Corel's default CMYK color space is SWOP. Simply choose SWOP as the RIP's CMYK source, then Corel and the RIP will agree.
   You can set the CMYK source to "NONE", the RIP will not make CMYK adjustments to any CMYK values. This allows you to enter and control all your CMYK values.
   If you want more image control you can modify Corel to use one of the RIP's ICC profiles to convert any RGB images.
Ink Configurations: You can be like everyone else, or try a better way
Go to "Utilities" and choose "ink configuration".
Basically every RIP driving a DTG printer places the dark CMYK color inks in the same color positions used by the Epson printer, and the whites inks are placed in the light ink positions used by Epson. PowerRIP DTG supports this standard ink color arrangements used by the DTG industry.

We call it standard color plus white
For a R3000 the left to right color cartridge order is:
We also have dual CMYK for the R3000.
For a R3000 the left to right color cartridge order is:
For 8 color printers we offer a special ink configuration to enhance One-Pass white printing, and highlight white printing. You do not need this special set up to print One-Pass white, but it helps quite a bit. Using this setup your Reds will become deeper in color.

Optimized One-Pass
For a R3000 the "special" left to right color cartridge order is:

These printers, 1430/1500W/1400/1410/1390/L1800 have 6 color print channels, their ink configuration is fixed.
On any of these 6 color printers, the CMYK goes into the standard color ink positions and white ink goes in the LC and LM positions.