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You're a screen printer and need dense film positives on an inkjet printer with
halftone dots or stochastic index color. Here's the answer for PC or Mac and we drive more printers than other RIPS, at a better price too.


Getting good dense film positive output is as simple as buying PowerRIP Silkscreen for PC, or PowerRIP X SilkScreen for Mac, and choosing a supported Epson printer. The printer is your choice, you may wish to shop around for the best price, or you may already own one of our supported printers and just need a RIP. You simply print separations and spot colors, with your own angles and frequencies, as grayscale, from your application and you’ll get the dense film positives you need. PowerRIP can even make separations from your RGB or CMYK files, as well as making a color proof. Get our RIP and use it with any film that works on your printer, do not get locked into just one choice for film or ink.


PowerRIP SilkScreen for PC works with XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows 7

PowerRIP X SilkScreen for Mac works with OSX 10.6, 10.5, 10.4, 10.3, 10.2

Any RIP compatible printer prices listed here are for information only.


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See What It Will Cost You

PowerRIP SilkScreen or PowerRIP X SilkScreen for Desktop printers is only $495, and supports all of the printers in this group. You buy a group of supported printers, not just one model.

See how little it costs to start     

Stylus Photo 1280/1290


Stylus Color 3000



Stylus Photo R1800

Stylus Pro 4000

Stylus Photo R2400


Stylus Pro 4800

PowerRIP SilkScreen.................$495

Typical Stylus 1280/1290 cost....$399

  Your total cost is.................$894

PowerRIP combined with an Epson Stylus 1280 or 1290 is under $900. Epson's 1280/1290 dye based black ink works with the films we sell and other third party films as well. Epson sometimes offers a rebate

Stylus Color 1520

Need large format screen positives?

A great film for dye or Ultrachrome printers

PowerRIP SilkScreen LF or

PowerRIP X SilkScreen LF

for Large Format printers only $995

iProof Systems offers a line of outstanding water resistant film positive material from Mitsubishi.

This is the most economical water resistant film on the market. We chose this film to sell, because it works well with Epson's Dye Black and Epson's Ultrachrome Matte Black. Once you try this film, you may never switch back to what you were using before.


    Mitsubishi's premium water resistant film positive material produces very high film density. It is excellent for plate burning or exposing screens. Densities range from 3.8 to 4.0 on supported Epson printers, using standard Epson dye based black ink or Ultrachrome matte black ink on Epson printers. A claim others cannot make.

     PowerRIP still lets you use other films from other firms. PosiJet films from Tartan Technologies works well on the 3000, and the new Ulano films that work with both Epson Dye and Ultrachrome ink as well. A line of proofing papers is available for dye based printers.

 PowerRIP also supports Photo Black ink for films not compatible with Matte Black Ink.


Stylus Pro 7600


Using Matte Black
or Photo Black

Available Now




Stylus Pro 7800

Ultrachrome K3

Using Matte Black
or Photo Black

Available Now

Stylus Pro 9600


Using Matte Black
or Photo Black

Available Now



Stylus Pro 9800

Ultrachrome K3

Using Matte Black
or Photo Black

Available Now

Key points why our RIP is a better buy


We are the most use software RIP for inkjet printers in the world with over 175,000 units sold.

   We are the software team that built the first American PostScript ImageSetter. PowerRIP's programming team also built the first PostScript software RIPs, that Epson and Canon shipped to market for inkjet printing.

   We know more about halftone dot shapes and printing than any RIP vendor in the market today. Our founder's family started in the printing business in 1904, in color separation, when process inks were invented. Every generation of the family has been involved ever since. This year, 2006, is our 103rd year in this tradition of inventing new and better ways to print images.

   Our RIP for screen printing does everything you'll need. We have a Mac and a PC version, we print halftones and indexed stochastic colors to film, with perfect registration. You get imagesetter quality on your inkjet, from a company that knows and has built imagesetters. You will get color proofs with or without halftone dots. We work with Epson's own inks and you can use inks and films from other companies as well. We work with all major graphic arts programs.

   We are the complete package.

   And if you start with our desktop RIP version and want to upgrade to the PowerRIP for Large Format, we give you full credit towards the price difference.

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