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RIPs for more than one solution from a single image to running the press
iProof’s PowerRIP provides three RIPs for fabric printing
Each offers ease of use, full ink control, and quality exceeding other RIPs
Direct To Film
Direct to Garment
PowerRIP ScreenPrint
Create Film Positives
Users tell us PowerRIP DTF, our newest addition, has doubled the production of their DTF printer over other RIPs. How, we print faster. Printers driven by PowerRIP DTF, have no banding problems at lower resolutions. Other RIPs require printers to run at 1440x1440 to avoid banding. PowerRIP output looks great at 1440x720. Colors are saturated and balanced, from the start. And it is easy to use.
Thousands of users run DTG RIP PRO v06. It was built to be easy to use. Color saturation especially bright reds, deep blues and yellows that look pure are the norm with our DTG RIP. We produce better whites and even include white highlight capabilities, to give your DTG printing that extra pop like screen printing. It has step and repeat, production runs, and a quick preview before printing
PowerRIP ScreenPrint has ink density control that provides sharper edges to images and the maximum density possible. Using all black inks or Epson original inks, each ink channel can access up to 255 shades per channel. You need the highest density possible to burn a good screen. When film density is too light, dot shapes, fine lines, and type detail are burned away when the screen is exposed. Get the density you need..
Someday you may need support and we are here for personal one on one help
Support direct from the RIP developer via phone, email, or remote access to your computer.
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