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iProof has changed the validation system so all RIPs purchased from 2000 to 2017 will need to upgrade
We will upgrade existing users of older software to new software and the validation system at a small charge.

PowerRIP ScreenPrint, Imageset, SilkScreen users, can purchase an upgrade for $149.00

DTG RIP Pro v3, v4, and v5 users, as well as Melco RIP, MultiRIP, Belquette FlexiJet,Texjet, Springsun, and Anajet users can upgrade for $299.00

You must contact sales@iproofsystems.com to obtain a new product code and software to use the new validation system.
You will be sent either a DEMO code or a PRODUCT code that generates a computer ID code just for your computer. The code removes the watermark
To use the code open the RIP and then configure/validate software, and enter the Code we send to you.
The software will generate a license-request PRODUCT CODE NUMBER.aes file for your computer. This file will be in the RIP folder you just installed. You will attach this license request to an email and send it back to us at support@iproofsystems.com back to us, and we will process the code and send you the unlock license.aes file for this computer. The license.aes is placed in the RIP folder next to the license-request.aes you just emailed to us.

Your Product code we send to you will look like this
PRODXXXXX123456789 or this DEMOXXXXX123456789

To go over it again, enter the above code in the RIP under configure/validate.
The file it will generates will be a "license-request PRODXXXX123456789.aes" and will be found in RIP folder on the "C" drive, send it to us as an attachment to an email. Support@iproofsystems.com.
We process that license-request file here and return a license.aes file, that goes back into the same RIP folder on your "C" drive.
Restart the RIP after placing the license.aes file we send back to you in the RIP folder and you will be unlocked. and print wihtout a watermark
Legacy RIPs from 2000 to 2017 will need to purchase an upgrade