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PowerRIP 2000 for HP® Inkjet printers


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Now supporting the HP 120 PS!

For information on future products and upgrades, please contact Sales at sales@iproofsystems.com


Please be sure to click "refresh" on your browser to ensure the latest version is downloaded

Below is the update to PowerRIP 5.6.1 (Mac) and 6.0.7 (PC)
These files include all supported languages. The installer will ask you for the language you wish to install.
NB. The DEMO version of PowerRIP 2000 will print "DEMO" watermark on your output until the software is validated with a Product Code that is issued upon purchase.

Please select from the following:

Mac version supports the DeskJet 930, 950, 970, 990 & 1220 series printers and PowerRIP PDF for Mac Users with a single printer

Download PowerRIP 2000 v6.11 (26.5MB)


ICC file for Macs
Note: ICCs for DeskJet 930, 950, 970, 990 & 1220C Series.
Unstuff the ICC file and put the ICC's in your System/ColorSync folder on your Mac.
Download PowerRIP 2000 ICC Read Me
Download ICC file for Macs

Download PowerRIP 2000 v6.0.7M CD in ZIP archive (all files necessary to create a master CD - 45.5MB)




Previous PC version
Download PowerRIP 2000 v5.6.1 Windows One-Click Installer (12.7MB)
 files necessary to create a master CD - 20.5MB)



User Manuals

Please note that these manuals and user guides are in PDF format. Click here to obtain the free reader software.



Manual for HP pdf (English)
Manual for HP pdf (French)
Manual for HP pdf (German)

Manual for HP pdf (Italy)


How to Calibrate inside PowerRIP 2000 (Calibration ReadMe.PDF)
Using ClarisWorks (ClarisWorks ReadMe.PDF)
Using Apple ICC's (ColorSyncICC Read Me.PDF)
Using Corel Draw8 (CorelDraw8 ReadMe.PDF)
Common error messages reported by the PowerRIP log (Error Messages.PDF)
Working with Freehand 9 (FreeHand 9 ReadMe.PDF)
Working with Illustrator 9 (Illustrator 9 ReadMe.PDF)
Working with Illustrator 8 (Illustrator MacPC ReadMe.PDF)
Working with InDesign (InDesign 1.5 ReadMe.PDF)
Working with MultiAdServer (MultiAd Creator ReadMe.PDF)
Working with PageMaker (PageMaker MacPC ReadMe.PDF)
Working withPagemaker 6.5 (PageMaker6.5 ReadMe.PDF)
Working with PhotoShop 5.x (Photoshop5x ReadMe.PDF)
Working with Quark4.x (Quark 4.x ReadMe.PDF)
Working with Word98 (Word98 ReadMe.PDF)

Quick Start
Manual for HP pdf (English)
PowerRIP PDF Manual

Understanding error messages (Error Message_FAQ.PDF)
Working with Freehand 9.x and NT4 (Freehand9.xNT4.PDF)
Working with Freehand 9.x and Windows Me (Freehand9xWin98Me.PDF)
Working with Illustrator 9 (Illustrator 9.PDF)
Working with PageMaker and NT4 (PageMaker NT.PDF)
Working with PageMaker 6.5 on Windows 95 and 98 (PageMaker6.5.PDF)
Working with PhotoShop (Photoshop 5.PDF)
Working with Quark 4.1 and Windows NT4 (Quark4.1NT4.PDF)
Working with Quark 4.1 and Windows 98 and Me (Quark4.1Win98 Me.PDF)
Working with Windows 98 in a network (Win 98 ClientServer.PDF)


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