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RIPs for more than one solution from a single image to running the press
To get the most from your DTF printer, you should upgrade the RIP they gave you
1. Initially most users start with AcroRIP 9, a very old and weak RIP to run their brand new DTF printer
2. You are trying to get your work out, faced with delays and frustration.
You start looking for a RIP replacement

Available Now for
L1800 - 1390, 1400, 1410, 1430, 1500w
R3000 SC P600, SC P800
The Solution
More Productive
Great Support
Easy To Use
Unique Features Cut Costs
Better White Generation
If the DTF RIP you own or plan to buy requires you to run at 1440x1440 to prevent banding, than it is 2 times slower than PowerRIP DTF. Other RIPs being sold have banding issues at 1440x720. Those RIPs require you to buy a second printer and a second RIP to match the PowerRIP DTF’s output speed on one printer. Or just purchase PowerRIP DTF and double your production output.
Only PowerRIP, $299 USD, based in the USA, offers FREE live support direct from the RIP manufacturer. Kothari based in India and AcroRIP 10 based in China, depend on dealers for support. White RIP and Cadlink offer support for their very complicated RIPs from Europe on European time. Complicated RIPs to operate, take longer to learn and use, and require more support.
Yes, we also have controls to tweak images, but our system is geared toward production. Cafe Press used 800 PowerRIPs to produce over 1 Billion dollars in Tshirts per year for 10 years. A system has to be simple and efficient to produce in a volume operation. Our competitors show you many adjustments to correct color. Color should not need adjusting to match the monitor. PowerRIP ICC profiles are accurate right from the start. If a RIP needs every image to be tweaked it is not a production tool.
PowerRIP has unique features to help you cut cost and produce more. One of them is our one click create white ink control.

Traditional DTF White Underbase is solid white. Image lower left.
Shaded white is offered, it fades out as black covers. Below center
Shaded white fadeout can stop at a percentage of white Below Right

A shaded white, reduces white ink cost up to 40% on each file it is used on.
Solid White
White Ink Cost $.84
Shaded White Fades to Zero
White Ink Cost $.49
Shaded White Fades to 25%
White Ink Cost $.52
Solid White and Color Combo View
Traditional DTF White
Shaded White and Color Combo View
Bright Pure White No Ink Flooding
Shaded White 25% Color Combo View
Increase White In Shadows
A) It does not operate on Windows 10, it is out of date
B) When used on older computers it will often crash.
C) It is hard to validate, and needs a dongle
D) There is little to no documentation
E) Support is hard to get, nearly impossible from the RIP
     developer far away in China.