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RIPs for more than one solution from a single image to running the press
Own a Tjet, Kiosk, Kiosk HM1, K3, Raptor, Summit, Viper, Bullet, Xpress, or an Anajet, Melco G2, Melco G3 or a FlexiJet

Upgrade to DTG PRO v06 and get no banding, better ink control, add highlight white capabilites, and a better interface
Reduce ink cost, control density and contrast
PowerRIP RIPPRO offers ink density and contrast controls. These advanced controls adjust vignetted fade outs within the RIP, without having to return to Photoshop. The same controls can increase or reduce white and color densities. Saving ink cost while maintaining saturation.
More Information
DTG RIPPRO/upgrade for only $299
Old Way
$5.16 Ink Cost per shirt White $3.50/Color $1.66
New Contrast Control
$2.13 Ink Cost per shirt
White $1.50/Color $ .63
Add New Density Control
$1.59 Ink Cost per shirt
White $ .98/Color $ .61
Three different levels of color saturation are built in for color inks and applied automatically.
No need any longer to open an image in Photoshop to boost color saturation before printing.

Add a Highlight White Layer to make whites pop like screen printing
Automatically Adjust Saturation
Normal White Layer
Highlight White Layer Choose 100% Density
Print Super Saturated Pure Whites
Original Image Our Normal
Our Plus Saturation up 20%
Our Extra Saturation up 40%
No need to print a second pass of the white layer to get whites to pop, just print a highlight bump white with the color pass.
We select only the True white highlights, and with our density slider you choose just the perfect amount of extra white from 1 to 100%
Highlight White Choose Add 60% Density
Highlight White Choose Add 50% Density
Highlight White Choose Add 25% Density
Normal White.
Heavy White.
Basics DTG Options of White ink Control, Color Saturation defaults, and Highlight Bump White control