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RIPs for more than one solution from a single image to running the press
PowerRIP's superior ink control makes better film positives
Until you see PowerRIP ScreenPrint’s output you do not know how much better your film density can be. Density is higher, the type is sharper and the halftone dots are better defined. PowerRIP’s better ink control improves quality. Too much ink produces ink puddles, not enough ink and the film is too light and making it harder to expose a screen. When film is too light dot shapes and fine line detail are burnt away when the screen is exposed. You need the highest density possible to burn a good screen.

PowerRIP obtains the highest density possible in the industry, by using 255 different control steps for each ink channel. PowerRIP has an easy to use quick set slider for each ink channel going from 0% to 100% in precise 4 tenths of a percent (0.4%) increments. AccuRIP’s Black Pearl system only offers 15 ink levels. PowerRIP users, with 255 settings, have more control over film density.
No large density gaps with PowerRIP, just better precision. PowerRIP ScreenPrint allows 52 precise settings in the critical density range, between 80% and 100% (255 settings per ink channel). PowerRIP settings move in 4 tenths of a percent from 80% to 100%. Freedom to choose the maximum ink density you need.
These test results are based on measuring the output from the RIPs being compared, using an Epson Stylus Pro 4880 and multiple dots sizes.
These basic results will hold true for any Epson inkjet printer using 3 spot sizes, like an Epson Artisan 1430 or L1800.
More Info
AccuRIP is a trademark of Fawkes Engineering, LLC,
PowerRIP is a trademark of Digital Graphic Imaging Systems.
Standard films require between 80% to 100% ink coverage to obtain optimum density. AccuRIP only offers four possible ink settings in this critical density range making it difficult to get the best density, AccuRIP ink levels of 12=80%, 13=82%, 14=90%, and 15=100% Max. These uneven steps allow large gaps in ink adjustment control.
Freedom in setting up your inks. PowerRIP can run all black ink channels or use Epson inks. A PowerRIP feature with Epson's color inks, is creating a better UV light blocking image on film, by adding a slight amount of magenta and yellow colors. And remember with PowerRIP you can always preview an image before you print film..