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PowerRIP 2000™ for Canon® Bubble Jet printers
Why make a color proof if the color is not accurate? With PowerRIP 2000 you can get the most accurate proofs available on your Canon Bubble Jet printer. PowerRIP 2000 assures that the colors you see on your monitor or analog proof are the accurate colors that you expect.

PowerRIP 2000 for Canon printers is $299 for the full package. See the order page for additional pricing and ordering options.


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> Supported Printers
> Maximum Output
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Designed for S6300*, S9000, i9100, i6500 and i6100 printers
* S6300 not available in the US.

Special Mac version available for imagePRO W2200

S9000, i9100 and i6500 also available in Windows version

For information on future products and upgrades, please contact Sales at sales@iproofsystems.com

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Product Description

The drivers that come with your printers distort the colors to make the prints look pretty for the novice user but are not usable in the professional market. This makes PowerRIP 2000 the choice among professional Graphic Artists, Designers, Printers and Lithographers who know the importance of accurate color proofs. With today's Mac's, PC's and digital presses, old analog film proofing systems can no longer do the job.

PowerRIP 2000 proofing system provides an accurate color contract proof that emulates the printing press. With a combination of PowerRIP 2000, iProof's PressProof papers or the printer manufacturer's papers, you can select from several world standards including SWOP (the U.S. standard). PowerRIP 2000 is user friendly and designed to accommodate the single user or the entire office workgroup.

Print and share your printer over the network
PowerRIP 2000 includes a built-in print server that allows you to share your printer over the network. PowerRIP 2000 can publish up to 50 print queues across the network. Queues can be published as hot folders, to drag-and-drop PostScript, EPS, or PDF files for printing. Everyone on your network can print to your printer and PDF generator. All PowerRIP 2000 active print queues appear as a Chooser level printer selection on the Macintosh network. Share your printer with as many users at no additional charge. There is also no need to purchase additional hardware to share your printer, PowerRIP 2000 Professional does it all.
Print Queue Management
Print queue management allows you to reprint jobs directly from PowerRIP 2000, eliminating the need to return to your application to reprint a file. Change priorities, move the print jobs up or down in the queue, pause or cancel. Hold jobs in the queue for minutes, hours, or weeks, even pause jobs in the queue to print later. Create queues for specific paper, resolution, profile, combinations or create queues to generate PDFs for the web or remote print purposes.
Recomposite from Separations Feature
Most RIPs used as a proofing device will create incorrect results when trapping, overprinting and transparency features are used. The following sample shows trapping, overprinting and transparency features. These same features are used to show the trapping of colors and the drawing of outlines. Making a recomposite is the only true way of accurately making a color proof. This feature works great with all popular applications including Quark and PageMaker.

Pre-Profiled and Easy to use Calibration
PowerRIP 2000 comes pre-profiled to drive your Canon Bubble Jet printer. Additional complicated color calibration is not required. Simply select the resolution and paper type and PowerRIP 2000 will automatically use appropriate color settings for accurate color reproduction on the selected media/printer combination. You may also use the included dot gain and calibration controls feature. Allows you to adjust each CMYK channel independently. Apply custom calibration to a specific print queue, so all jobs printed to that queue receive the same calibration. This provides fine tuning controls for accurate color reproduction. User defined calibration curves can be saved and later reloaded for jobs with similar characteristics.

Support ICC Profiles
PowerRIP 2000 incorporates standards developed by the International Color Consortium (ICC) to produce color accurate proofs on your Canon Bubble Jet printer. A wide range of paper profiles are supplied for your Canon printer. You may also add custom ICC profiles for your printing press, scanner, monitor or digital camera created with third party ICC complaint color profiling software.

Spot Colors
To ensure accurate spot color reproduction you can activate PowerRIP 2000's "TrueSpot™" you use special logo colors or product colors then you can easily add them to PowerRIP 2000 Professional with the Spot Color function. Just click on Add and type in your special color. PowerRIP 2000 Professional will remember your color and use it each time it is requested within your application. Add Custom Page Sizes
Unlike some applications that limit your designing abilities to set paper sizes, PowerRIP 2000 will let you design your own paper size and keep this size in memory for future use.

Add Custom Page Sizes
Unlike some applications that limit your designing abilities to set paper sizes, PowerRIP 2000 will let you design your own paper size and keep this size in memory for future use.

RIP to Disk feature
Sometimes when the need arises you may want to process to disk before printing. This feature is useful for complex jobs where you do not want the printer to stop while printing.

Tiff Out*
Allows PowerRIP 2000 to output a TIFF file instead of sending the page to the printer. This easy to use feature creates one TIFF file per page. Supports LZW compression, various resolutions from 72 dpi to 600 dpi. This feature allows you to print multiple pages on one sheet size.
*Currently available on the Professional Windows version only.

This feature allows you to print multiple pages on one sheet size. Example: you have a file that consists of multiple 8.5 x 11 sheets. Turn the Nesting feature on and it will print the pages 2-up on one 11 x 17 sheet. You may also output the pages reduced to get more pages per sheet. The Nesting function has two parameters, output size (at what percentage to render the individual pages) and destination sheet size (the size of the actual media we'll be printing on).
*Currently available on the Professional Windows version only.

PDF Generator and Printing
Generate PDFs for the web or remote print purposes with PowerRIP 2000. Supports printing of Portable Document Format (PDF) formatted data up to and including v 1.3. PowerRIP 2000 allows documents formatted in PDF to be placed directly into the PowerRIP 2000 print queue without the need to go through the Acrobat print driver thus saving time. With its PostScript 3 RIP Interpreter built in, it will accept and process these files without the need to first "distill" or convert them. PowerRIP 2000 allows you to select the paper, resolution and color settings at the queue eliminating the need to select these settings for every job.

Borderless Printing
Print borderless like a printing press. You create the bleed and we print on the proper sheet size. The bleed is overprint so you get exact sizing. The Borderless solution from the native printer driver will enlarge your image. This is not what we do; PowerRIP 2000 matches the printing press.


Supported Printers

Bubble Jet S6300 · S9000 · i6100 · i6500 · i9100

imagePROGRAF W2200

Bubble Jet S9000 · i6500 · i9100


Maximum Output

Width: printer capacity
Length: maximum 44”


Systems Requirements

128 MB RAM minimum*
500 MB available disk space*
PowerMac, G3, B/W G3, G4 or iMac System
OS 8.6 or greater, OS X (Classic Mode)
*Performance improved with additional RAM and disk capacity above the minimum
128 MB RAM minimum*
500 MB available disk space
Windows 98//2000/ME/XP
*Performance improved with additional RAM and disk capacity above the minimum


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