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PowerRIP X™ & PowerRIP X LF v10 
for Epson®, Canon® and select HP® Inkjet printers
Current version 10 adds support for version 10.9.x, 10.8.x, and 10.7.x Epson Stylus R1900, R2000, 4880, 4900, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9880, 9890, 9900, 11880 and other listed printers below.

PowerRIP X v10 has a greater "Color Gamut Volume" than any competitor, as measured by Chromix's ColorThink Pro 3 software for the Epson Stylus 4880, 7880, 9880, 11880.
Measurements of PowerRIP X prints, on the printers listed above, shows up to 15% greater color gamut volume on photographic papers with gloss and semi gloss finishes, and up to 30% greater color gamut volume on art and matte papers. 

A greater "Color Gamut Volume" enables PowerRIP X v10 to print more colors and to print more accurately. PowerRIP X's superior screening and color management enables PowerRIP to produce contract quality proofs on inexpensive printers like the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 

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PowerRIP X version 10 features support of Mac OSX thru 10.9 including previous versions 10.4, 10.5, 10.6

PowerRIP X™ is the most user friendly Macintosh PostScript RIP available. 

With PowerRIP X version 10 you obtain a 20% to 30% greater color gamut volume on fine art papers, like UltraSmooth Fine Art and Velvet Fine Art. Very important for Gilcee print making and fine art reproduction. On Epson's Photo Quality Inkjet paper, PowerRIP X actually has a 50% greater color gamut, than with our competitors' software RIP. This enables you to make a better low cost proof, that is more accurate.

Contract Proofing benefits also. A greater "Color Gamut Volume" means a better match to named spot colors, like Pantone®.

Photographers easily obtain 10% to 15% more colors on glossy/semigloss papers.

Of course with the price of paper and ink these days, you want to get the best color reproduction possible for your money, which is only possible right now with PowerRIP X.

Compare PowerRIP output to other RIPs on the same printer and see for yourself. Below are comparisons of color gamut on the Stylus 4880.

Epson Enhanced Matte/Matte black ink (1440x720dpi)





(SP48_78_98 VM 1440 Enhanced Matte MK )

492,676 Gamut Volume

442,914 Gamut Volume

390,250 Gamut Volume

PowerRIP has 11% more color gamut volume than ColorByte on this paper
PowerRIP has 26% more color gamut volume than ColorBurst on this paper


Epson Textured Fine Art/Matte black ink (1440x720)





(SP48_78_98 VM 1440 Textured Fine Art MK )

492,632 Gamut Volume

443,524 Gamut Volume

437,914 Gamut Volume

PowerRIP has 11.1% more color gamut volume than ColorByte on this paper
PowerRIP has 12.5% more color gamut volume than ColorBurst on this paper


Epson Proofing White Semi Matte/Photo Black K3(1440x720)





(SP48_78_98 VM 1440 Proofing White SemimattePK )

773,965 Gamut Volume

636,105 Gamut Volume

691,143 Gamut Volume

PowerRIP has 21.6% more color gamut volume than ColorByte on this paper
PowerRIP has 12% more color gamut volume than ColorBurst on this paper


Epson Premium Luster Photo /Photo Black K3(1440x720) Sheet



( no profile for this paper type)


(SP48_78_98 VM 1440 Premium Luster Photo PK )

799,063 Gamut Volume


660,804 Gamut Volume

PowerRIP has 20% more color gamut volume than ColorBurst on this paper


Epson Premium Luster Photo 260/Photo Black K3(720x720) Roll





( no profile for this paper type )

677,028 Gamut Volume

621,462 Gamut Volume


PowerRIP has 8.9% more color gamut volume than ColorByte on this paper


Epson Photo Quality Inkjet/Photo black ink (1440x720)



( no profile for this paper type)


(SP48_78_98 VM 1440 Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper PK )

457,224 Gamut Volume


299,153 Gamut Volume

PowerRIP has 52% more color gamut volume than ColorBurst on this paper

PowerRIP can function on a single workstation or as a network RIP server with up to 100 custom print queues. 

Professional print color bars are included for the best press color match and contract proofing.

Great ICC color compliant profiles for manufacturer's inks and papers shipped with PowerRIP. Users can also add or modify profiles.

Grayscale imaging can be handled multiple ways:
n Equal mixes of RGB color (Photographic) or 
n Black only channel of K from CMYK (Prepress) or
n Grayscale can be converted to LAB in Photoshop for neutral grays 
n Lab images print neutral or can be tinted easily using Photoshop.

RGB data can be handled as Photographic or Prepress.

No Metamerism.

Note to existing PowerRIP X version 7 users

If you own PowerRIP X version 7, version 8, or version 9 there are no more updates to version 7 or version 8 or version 9. Version 10 is a chargeable upgrade. At this time there is special pricing for existing PowerRIP users. 

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Version 10 adds support for 10.9, 10.8 and 10.7

PowerRIP X and XLF version 10 adds support for the Stylus R1900, R2000, Stylus Pro  4880. 4900, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9880, 9890, 9900, 11880 printers.  


Version 10 Will not validate with a Version 5 
Version 6  or Version 7 or version 8  or version 9  Product ID Code.
See special pricing for existing PowerRIP users.


For information on future products and upgrades, please contact Sales at sales@iproofsystems.com

Downloads: Version 10 can be downloaded to upgrade your current version, or as a DEMO.  You don't need to activate the DEMO to try it out. If this is your first time using the product, we recommend that you carefully reading the PDF User's Guide included with each download. Basic printer setup is covered on  pages 11 thru 35 of the manual. If you need help getting started, please call us and we'll be happy to help. 
We give free support to all users trying the DEMO. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once version 9 is downloaded and installed, your previous version will be automatically updated and will no longer be available unless v. 9 is removed with a special remove procedure. In order to reinstall your previous version, you will need your original version 7 CD, or downloaded software package.  Version 8 is till available for download  
Please choose your printer from the list below, place your cursor over the name of the printer you wish to download, it will become bolder, then click on it to begin the download of the appropriate file. 

After you download the software version for your printer or printers, you can then install the software.  
NOTE: First view the contents of the uncompressed .dmg software as a LIST, to see all of the components.
To install double click on either:
Install Stylus (your printer number) us.mpkg or Install Stylus (your printer number) euro.mpkg
The installer will run and at the end of the install you must restart your Mac. 
Simply follow the directions below based on your version of the Mac OSX the RIP computer is running on
More instructions are in the PDF User guide included in each download, covering Airport and Ethernet installs.

Canon imagePROGRAF W2200   

Epson Stylus Photo
Stylus Photo · Stylus Photo 700 · Stylus Photo 750 · Stylus Photo 780 · Stylus Photo 785 · Stylus Photo 790 Stylus Photo 810 · Stylus Photo 820 · Stylus Photo 825 · Stylus Photo 830 · Stylus Photo 870 · Stylus Photo 875DC · Stylus Photo 890 · Stylus Photo 895 · Stylus Photo 900 · Stylus Photo 915 · Stylus Photo 925 · Stylus Photo 950 · Stylus Photo 960 · Stylus Photo 1200 · Stylus Photo 1270 · Stylus Photo 1280 · Stylus Photo 1290 Stylus Photo 1390 · Stylus Photo 1400 Stylus Photo R1410 · Stylus Photo 1430  · Stylus Photo 2000P · Stylus Photo 2100 · Stylus Photo 2200 Stylus Photo R1800 ·Stylus Photo R1900 Stylus Photo R2000 Stylus Photo EX · Stylus Photo EX3

Epson Stylus
Stylus C60 · Stylus C62 · Stylus C64 · Stylus C70 · Stylus C80 · Stylus C82 · Stylus C84 · Stylus CX3100 · Stylus CX3200 · Stylus CX5200

Epson Stylus Color
Stylus Color 500 · Stylus Color 600 · Stylus Color 680 · Stylus Color 740 · Stylus Color 740i · Stylus Color 760 · Stylus Color 777 · Stylus Color 800/800N · Stylus Color 850/850Ne · Stylus Color 860 · Stylus Color 880 · Stylus Color 900/900G/900N · Stylus Color 980 · Stylus Color 1160 · Stylus Color 1500 · Stylus Color 1520 · Stylus Color 3000

Epson Stylus Pro
Stylus Pro* · Stylus Pro XL+* · Stylus Pro XL* · Stylus Pro 4000 · Stylus Pro 4880 · Stylus Pro 4900 ·Stylus Pro 5000 · Stylus Pro 5500 · Stylus Pro 7000 · Stylus Pro 7500 · Stylus Pro 7600 · Stylus Pro 7880 · Stylus Pro 7890 · Stylus Pro 7900 · Stylus Pro 9000 · Stylus Pro 9500 · Stylus Pro 9600 · Stylus Pro 9880 · Stylus Pro 9890 · Stylus Pro 9900 ·Stylus Pro 10000 Archival · Stylus Pro 10000 Photographic Dye · Stylus Pro 11880

Epson Stylus Scan
Stylus Scan 2000 · Stylus Scan 2500/2500 Pro

HP DesignJet
Designjet 10PS · Designjet 20PS · Designjet 30 · Designjet50PS · Designjet 120NR · Design jet 130

HP DeskJet
DeskJet 900 series from 916 to 995 · DeskJet 1220 series

Epson Stylus Pro and Photo printers (SPECIAL CASE) 
These 7 printers will only run on previous versions of the Mac OSX not 10.7 yet. 
Their code is still being adjusted for 10.7
Stylus Pro 3800 · Stylus Pro 4800 · Stylus Pro 7800 · Stylus Pro 9800
Stylus Photo R2400 Stylus Photo R2880 Stylus Photo R3000  

PowerRIP X English Guide Ver 9 and 10

Universal Client Software

To get to all previous version 9 product downloads click here

To get to previous version 8 product downloads contact support@iproofsystems.com

Support will load your version 8 printer driver to the version 8 download page



Basic Instructions to try PowerRIP X and add a printer

NOTE: Complete detailed instructions for USB, TCP/IP Ethernet and other printing issues are in a PDF guide in the download.

Getting started is simple
Download the printer or printers you need, install the software and restart, and just create a printer in the Print and Faxes selection. Directions below for Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard,or Printer Setup Utility on Tiger or Panther, or in Print Center on Jaguar. Follow the directions in the PDF user's guide file for your printer connection USB, Ethernet, or USB to parallel.
You do not have to validate to try the demo - just create the printer in Print and Faxes (10.5), Printer Setup Utility (10.4/10.3) or Print Center (10.2). See pages 11 thru 35 of the PDF users guide for specifics on adding a printer. The demo can be upgraded to a full version by purchasing a product code.

 Add a USB printer connection with PowerRIP X on 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 or 10.5:


Turn your printer on.
Open the "Print & Fax" found in the System preferences
In the Printer List window click the plus sign "+" under the list of printers.
Choose your "Default" for USB printers 
In the "Name" window, slightly change the name to be unique, perhaps add "RIP" to the front of it.
Go to the "Print Using" window and choose "Select Printer Software" or "Choose Printer Driver for 10.5"
Skip the "Location" window, unless you need to tell others the printer's location in the building


A magnifying glass window appears with a ppd list. Now type "power" next to the magnifying glass.


Choose your printer's PowerRIP X PPD from the list below


Click Add or OK and Add 

11) If a window appears saying a queue already exist please click "Continue"
 Add a USB printer connection with PowerRIP X on 10.4:


Turn your printer on.
Open the "Printer Setup Utility"
In the Printer List window click "Add".
Choose your "USB" or "Bonjour" printer
In the "Name" window, slightly change the name to be unique.
Go to the "Print Using" window and select "iProof PowerRIP X"
In the "Model" window select your printer.


Click add and your printer will added to the list.


 Add a USB printer connection with PowerRIP X on 10.2 and 10.3:


Turn your printer on.
Open the "Sharing Folder" located in "System Preferences."
Turn "Printer Sharing" On, Off, and back On again. Do this two times.
Leave Printer Sharing on and close the "Sharing Folder."
Open "Print Center," in Applications/Utilities.
Select and KEEP DOWN the "Option Key" as you double click "Add Printer."
When the screen changes release the Option Key.


Pick "Advanced" at the bottom of the first drop down window. If you do not see Advanced in the list, repeat step 6 and hold the option key down longer.

In the "Device" window, choose your Epson Stylus printer model.
In "Device Name" personalize the printer name.
In Device URI do nothing, this is your printer's USB address.
In Printer Model, choose iProof PowerRIP X.
PPDs will appear, select the one for your printer.
Click Add Printer.
In File/Page Setup choose the printer you just created.


In File/Print, in the drop down window under "Copies and Pages" choose your Resolution and Media type.


Version History

Version 10 supports all but 7 printers supported in previous versions. 



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