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PressProof Papers
Combine with Epson's color printers and PowerRIP software to deliver contract quality SWOP or Euro pre-press proofs that rival systems costing thousands more.

Silk Screen and Offset Film Positives can be made on the desktop
PowerRIP Silkscreen and PowerRIP ImageSet software can produce screened film positives using the standard black ink on an Epson's color printers. Densities range from 3.8 to 4.0. Combined with Mitsubishi's water resistant film, high quality screen rulings can be obtained from 30 line per inch up to 133 lines per inch. These products expand the abilities of silk screen printers allowing them to use many different inkjets like the Stylus Photo 1280, the Stylus Photo 2200, the Stylus Color 3000 or 1520 and even large printers like the Stylus PRO 9600 or PRO 4000. Offset printers can also use the film to make a film positive and burn a metal plate for printing, replacing an expensive imagesetter or electrostatic plate maker.



> Product Description
> Mitsubish Water-resistant Positive Film

> PressProof II
> PressProof Offset Semi-Gloss
> PressProof Heavyweight Double Sided



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Product Description

PressProof paper works on 6-color and 4-color Epson dye based printers and come in a variety of textures and finishes to suit any prepress need. The user can select the model printer that best suits their needs.

The iProof PressProof System was developed for graphic professionals that wanted a digital cost effective replacement for time consuming systems like MatchPrint or Cromalin proofing systems. PressProof papers are available in 8.5"x11" and 13"x19".


Mitsubishi positive film

Mitsubishi DiamondJet Water Resistant Ink Jet Microporous Clear Film. The perfect media for use with ImageSet and ImageSet SilkScreen products.
This positive inkjet film is compatible with all Inkjet printers.
Available in:

13 x 19 (100 sheets per box)

8.5 x 11 (100 sheets per box)


PressProof II

Simulates a very high quality offset stock. A semi-gloss bright white color suitable for matching brochures and quality printed pieces. Matched to commercial printing stock.
This 32-lb paper dries instantly and is compatible with all Inkjet printers.
Available in: 13 x 19 (50 sheets)


PressProof Offset Semi-Gloss

A realistic offset stock with a yellowish tint closely matches a regular magazine stock. Most magazines do not use bright white stock. In order to match what comes off the magazine press, it is best to start with a matching paper stock. Closely matches your desktop proof with the final printed piece.
Available in: 13 x 19 (20 sheets)


PressProof Heavyweight Double Sided

Identical to the PressProof II paper but coated on both sides to simulate exactly how a two-sided printed job will look. There's no need to cut and paste sheets together again. Reload Heavyweight Double Sided through the printer to print the other side.
Available in: 13 x 19 (20 sheets)


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